Nutribullet Recipes For Energy

Nutribullet recipes for energy

We have all heard of the benefits of green smoothies, yet many people are still not enjoying the benefits of these amazing shots of vitamins and nutrient dense drinks. What's the best way to meet your daily vegetable requirement? It seems an impossible question to answer, especially when you absolutely cannot stand the taste of vegetables.

But there's no question that they're good for you. In fact, to fully protect yourself against diseases like heart and cardiovascular ailments, diabetes and cancer, you need to consume as much as 14 servings of fruits and vegetables per day! If the recommended amount of 2 to 5 servings per day is difficult enough, how can one expect to eat 14? The answer - nutribullet recipes for energy.

Quick Green Smoothie

Many people associate the idea of healthy eating with denying themselves of all of the rich flavors and textures that delicious foods have to offer. But this is simply not the case. In fact, some of the most flavorful foods come from natural products that have not been artificially processed in factories. Now is the time for you to enjoy good food with smoothie recipes that will make your taste buds sing a happy tune.

On you next trip to the grocery store, stock up on a few essentials. Yogurt makes a terrific base for any drink. But make sure that you choose the non-fat, plain variety to get the most nutritional value and least fat and calories. Also buy in-season blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, bananas, and other soft fruits such as peaches or kiwi.

If you live in a climate where fresh fruit is not always available, don't worry. You have plenty of options. Look for froze bags of fruit. They are usually sold in the frozen dessert aisle. But do not be tempted by the other items like ice cream or cake. Just grab a bag and walk away fast. Besides, after you blend yourself a fruit drink, you will never go back to those sugary products again.

It is not the time to run for the checkout line yet. There is still more to buy. Canned pineapple is an excellent ingredient for these mixed drinks. But read the label carefully. Only choose the version that states packed in its own juice. Avoid anything that says syrup. That means that the product is sweetened with sugar and water. Now that you have the food products, you will need a blender. You should be able to choose a good model without breaking the bank.

Now it is time to get blending. Rinse out the blender container and the berries. Place about a quarter to a half of a cup of yogurt into the bowl. Toss in some mixed berries, and a banana. Place the top on the jar and press the mix button. Pour a tall glass and enjoy. You can adjust the recipe to taste, adding or decreasing any of the items listed.

Maybe you are not a fan of yogurt. You can still make fantastic smoothie recipes. For example, replace it with a small can of pineapple or other fruit. It makes a terrific breakfast for people on the go. Top it with a few sprinkles of granola or some raisins, too. There are countless variations to try.